3 highlights of 2022

Last week I wrote about the three things that I wish I’d done a little better. I wish I’d read more, that I’d written more, and that I’d taken more time for self care.

But, actually, 2022 was pretty great. In spite of the regrets, I had a wonderful time this year, and I’m excited to see what unfolds in 2023. Here are my three highlights of 2022.

The travel

I went EVERYWHERE this year.

Well, not actually everywhere, but I travelled a lot. A bonus from being a teacher is that you get 6 uninterrupted weeks off, save for the time spent getting ready for the term ahead. I started out small, visiting Weston with my year 7 Form group as part of their end-of-term adventures. As soon as the summer hit, I was away to visit a friend in Scotland. We spent time between Glasgow and Edinburgh, and the sights were, quite simply, breathtaking.

The pubs were pretty good, too.

A week later, I was in Wales. It was a cottage in the middle of nowhere and, while the signal may have been rubbish, the time away was also a delight.

Just two weeks after that, it was a week away in Menorca, followed by a three-day trip to Spain in late October. So, not quite everywhere, but I’d like to think that I made up for the distinct lack of travelling over the past two years.

The music

I really did rediscover my love of music this year. With a few friends, I went to Community Festival in London, which plays host to the very best in indie rock. Two Door Cinema Club headlined, which I was absolutely ecstatic about, but I was also introduced to Bears in Trees, Circa Waves and Pale Waves.

All of these bands have made it onto my Spotify, which I’ve finally upgraded to Premium. This is the sort of service that I never thought I’d benefit from, but can’t see myself giving it up for the freemium service again. The Daily Mixes on the work commute are just too good to say no to, and they really set the day up by putting me into a super mood.

The people

I have met too many people to count this year, and they’ve all had a huge impact on my life in one way or another. But if there’s one huge takeaway that 2022 has given me, it’s that people – friends, family, making connections – that’s what’s the most important thing in the world. I love my work, I love writing, I love all of my other hobbies, but the people that I know are, by far, the most important things in my life.

What are your top highlights of 2022? I’d love to read them in the comments below.

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