I have three years of experience in freelance writing and have been an avid blogger for five years. I specialise in content about education, productivity, fitness, entertainment and lifestyle but have written for a range of topics across the web. I have a degree in English and History from University of Birmingham, and I am a teacher, so know a thing or two about language, correct SPaG and how to use a semi-colon correctly.

Organised. Planned. Productive.

Content production

Need a blog post written that caters to the voice and tone of your website? Cool. Easy. I can do that. I’ll even edit the content.

Prices start* from £8/500 words.


I’ve written my fair share of blog posts, newspaper articles and academic essays, so I know when to use a full stop/period ( . ) and when a semi-colon ( ; ) is more suitable.

The standard proofreading service means that I’ll make like a teacher and post comments all over your work suggesting changes.

Prices start* from £8/1000 words.


My standard proofreading service leaves the changes up to you, since there are some times in language where grammatical errors may be intentional.

Proofreading+ leaves the editing up to me. Send me a blog post that you’ve written and I’ll make the changes so that you won’t have to.

Prices start* from £10/1000 words.

*Additional fees may be discussed for content that I’m not a specialist in.

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