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Amazon Associates

In the interest of transparency, you should know that I’m part of the Amazon Associates Program.

This means that, whenever it’s appropriate to do so, I may include a link to a product on Amazon on one of my blog posts. If you click that link and purchase any product on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking that link, I will receive up to 10% of the price you paid. So, if I read and recommend a book worth £7.99, and you buy it using my link, I could earn up to 79p from Amazon. Likewise, say I suggested a a BBQ that’s valued at £2,000. If you buy it through my link, Amazon may pay me up to £200.

It’s a great way to support creators whose content you enjoy reading, but you are under absolutely no obligation to use my links. You should also know that my content will not be compromised just for the sake of making a sale. I will always be honest with you in my thoughts on any product that I recommend. I will also always make it crystal clear whether I will earn commission from your choice to buy a product using my links wherever they appear.

For an example of a post with Amazon Associates links, click here.

Sponsored content

From time-to-time, I may also work with sponsors. This may involve the sponsor sending a product to me to have a go with and give my opinion on. Whenever this does happen, I will always make clear which posts are sponsored, and be honest with my thoughts; if there’s something that I dislike, then you will know about it.

Likewise, if a sponsor asks me to give a biased review, then I simply won’t work with them. My integrity will never be compromised; that’s my promise to you.