Be better at doing nothing

You work too much. For the pitiful pay you receive, you are way too overworked – just like the rest of the world. You deserve better.

At least, that’s how the story usually goes. Despite our employers’ best interests, work does have a way of getting on top of us. Many of us are lucky enough to have supportive workplaces and colleagues, but even if that is the case, you should never let your work get the best of you. Take charge of your physical and mental health today by slowing down and smelling the roses. Be the best at doing nothing.

And by nothing, I mean nothing. Nada. Absolutely zilch. Here’s why you need to be the best at just that:

The work bits

Let’s look at this from a workplace point of view first, since that’s the first real hurdle. People tend to resist doing less because they might feel guilty, as if they’re letting down the people at their job.

Firstly: breathe. It is only a job, and only one part of who you are.

Secondly: if you’re constantly working too much, you’re going to get burned out. You will stop working as hard as you usually do because you physically won’t be able to. Take a break and you’ll be so refreshed when you next get back to it, and you’ll end up being ten times more productive.

The fitness bits

If you also like keeping your body in tip-top shape, and have got yourself setup on a great workout regime, you might be noticing some physical changes taking place. Your muscles might be growing, or your weight might be shifting.

Despite your best efforts, however, you won’t notice the very best changes to your fitness if your sleep schedule’s not sorted. Stop overworking yourself and take a breather. Go to bed on time – or even early for once – and your body will thank you. Not only will you have more energy for your workouts, you’ll also go through a more efficient recovery phase.

So, by doing less, you’ll start to notice your fitness improving faster than before.

The you time bits

This advice is all for nought if you don’t give yourself reason to slow down, to take it easy. Start brainstorming and think up some hobbies or activities that you enjoy, be it reading, writing, drawing, playing video games, or something else entirely. Find something that you’re passionate about and commit yourself entirely to it. Because, you know, I don’t actually mean do nothing when I say nothing. The idea is that you need to get used to doing nothing for other people once in a while. Focus on you; you’ve earned it.

I always say that there is so much more to life than just work. Yes, working often takes up a large proportion of our time, but by learning how to switch off, and to really enjoy doing nothing – but instead by doing something that you enjoy doing – you’ll lead such a happier, way more productive life.

Isn’t that what this is all for, anyway?

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