5 mistakes that procrastinators make

Are you a professional procrastinator? Do you struggle with getting things done? I’ve got five mistakes that you could be making without even realising it. Sound off in the comments if these are statements that you’re guilty of making.

I don’t need to do that now

Yes, you do! The people who are really good at procrastinating will always put something off until tomorrow. The problem with that?

Tomorrow never comes.

If it’s a five minute task, then do it now. If it’s a longer task, write it down somewhere and plan out a slot in your calendar to get it down in the coming minutes/hours/days. Otherwise, you’ll be putting it off forever

I don’t need a productivity system

Yes, you do! There’s no need for a fancy system like those you see on Notion, but there is a need for something to keep yourself organised. Use your iPad a lot? Then stick to Apple Notes. Keep swapping devices like I do? Then use OneNote.

Prefer pen and paper but feeling creative? A Bullet Journal’s just what you need. Heck, even post-it notes that you can loiter over your desk are fine as long as it works for you. That’s the key part here. Say it with me:

As. Long. As. It. Works. For. You.

I don’t have time

No, but, you actually do though. There is a huge difference between procrastination and prioritisation and the bottom line is that if there’s something that you want to do, you will make time for it. Make it a non-negotiable.

Do you want to play video games all day? Then that is your priority. Do you want to start a blog and turn it into a business? Then that is your priority. Make time.

I don’t have the motivation

Well, motivation is actually a myth, which I’ve already shown. Don’t wait until you’re motivated, since this will never, ever last. Instead, create some healthy habits that you want to continue, and stick to them.

James Clear actually did some amazing writing about this, about how you should make healthy habits (the ones that you want to do) more visible. Feel free to pick up his book here (and I might get a small kickback at no extra cost to you).

I don’t have the accountability

Then get accountable! Accountability can be anything from getting a friend to ensure you turn up to the gym every single day to something as simple as an alarm on your phone ringing every five minutes at 6pm, screaming at you to go and workout.

If you’re no longer in school, then you have to rely on external systems to stay accountable. There’s no teacher in Adult Life to give you a detention if you don’t do your washing up. Find a way to stay consistent and keep to it.

Have I missed out any mistakes? Do you see yourself in any of these? Let me know down below.

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