Campus Society’s Student Survival Kit | A review

I’ve worked for Campus Society as a freelance writer for over a year now. I’ve produced a ton of content for the platform, informing students on all sorts, from how to organise the perfect Valentine’s Date on a budget to a much-needed Fresher’s guide to Birmingham. I’ve taken a journalistic stance, investigating the horrors of sextortion and interviewing those affected by sexual misconduct. I’ve even dispelled the myth that sports clubs force freshers to binge drink. Maybe it’s just my inflated ego, but I’d like to think I’ve made quite the name for myself on the platform.

Evidently, somebody agreed with my sentiments and asked that I volunteer as a Campus Ambassador. I’d attend to queries faced by Birmingham students, as that’s where I was based. I’d advise on accommodation and personal woes, endeavouring to ease the inevitable homesickness faced by every fresher throughout their University career.

Alas, all good things must come to an end; the Campus Ambassador programme is no more. By way of saying thanks for our hard work, the Campus Gurus sent out tuckboxes full of goodies to all their volunteers. Before I could tuck in, I paused.

This is the perfect excuse to create content for my blog.

Following in the same vain as many popular Youtubers, I’m unboxing  what’s inside and recording my reactions, albeit in a written, rather than video, format. Well, what are we waiting for?

The mysterious ticking noise

When I signed for this box, I couldn’t help but notice a mysterious ticking noise whenever it moved. Just taking the box upstairs resulted in a clinking and clanking that probably disturbed the whole neighbourhood. Logic dictates that the Campus Gurus wouldn’t dare risk sending rare china in so fragile a box, but I can’t help but worry that this is the case. The postie probably emulated Ace Ventura’s classic opening scene, too, meaning everything inside is ruined.

Before facing inevitable disappointment at the state of my broken china, I snapped a few photos of the front of the box. Strangely, I had to turn it round for it to open. Is this normal? Don’t most boxes open from the front? A plain white surface greets me, adorned only with an upside down ‘NICE’ label. I’m getting the feeling that Campus Society are going out of their way to make my blog look as unaesthetically-pleasing as possible.

Where are the other millenial phrases, like ‘yas gurl’ and ‘slay’?

Finally, I dig in. Surprisingly, the merch inside takes up most, if not all, of the box. I was expecting nothing more than a T-shirt, but Campus Society have blown away  all expectations. The first merch that catches my eye is a tote bag.

Clearly, they know they’re targeting a student readership with this one, since it so clearly features a very millennial phrase front-and-centre. I assume that’s meant to be a fire emoji, too. If I dared take this to Uni, I’d face countless hours of bullying. But it’s incredibly spacious, making it suitable for late-night trips to Aldi, where no one can see what I’m carrying.

Okay, so turns out that the next gift is another tote bag. Interesting. Are they all going to be tote bags? This one is a lot more fashionable than the bright orange of the previous bag. It says ‘NICE’ in huge, unmissable capitals. Is NICE a brand? They sure do seem to have something going on with Campus Society, but I can’t see any websites, Twitter handles or Insta names. Are they trying to promote something? If so, I’m not so sure they’re doing a very good job of it. My website would be plastered all over this bag if I were in charge.

Take note: tote bag also comfortably fits bottle of Cava. NICE.

I just tested what the bag can hold, and two bottles of Smirnoff sit comfortably in there, so that’s a win in my book (refrain from judging my buying habits, please).

Even with a jumper on underneath, it’s huge!

What I thought was going to be yet another tote bag – perhaps a tote bag to store all of my other tote bags in (come on: we all have a bag of bags underneath the stairs) – morphed into a black T-Shirt. ‘BNOC’ adorned the front of the Tee, which is actually quite fitting. My housemates jokingly referred to me as a BNOC back in our Uni days because I seemed to know somebody wherever we went. Now I can finally live up to the joke of a title.

My only gripe? It’s a large, and I’m a medium at best! #SlimGuyProblems, or what? I’ll throw this into the ‘gym T-Shirts that I can wear once I actually buy a gym membership’ pile.


Moving away from clothing and accessories leads us to another gift that has me at a level of excitement which I cannot quite put into words. All throughout Uni, I lived my days according to the rituals detailed in a clutter-free lifestyle granted only by a bullet journal. By this point, I’ve filled in nearly two books, and had been growing increasingly concerned about how long I had before needing to invest in a new one.


But I needn’t have worried! The Campus Gurus read my mind, and sent a new journal of the perfect size, adorned with decent-quality, lined paper. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a journal and more.

No but seriously, how do I hold this?

Hidden underneath is a Campus Society-branded highlighter. My first impression? It’s a really strange shape. How am I supposed to hold this? Am I supposed to feel frustrated by the tool? Am I being actively encouraged to ditch it and stop making notes? Is that the Campus Gurus’ plan?

With that said, it’s still pretty nifty. There are three colours, which are unique and stand out as separate from one another. There will no longer be any excuses for losing my place when attempting to discern notes highlighted in light green from notes highlighted in a slightly different shade of green. Plus, I’m a sucker for multiple colours on one pen. I lost hours of my life to clicking-down all four colours of those pens you’d find at school in teachers’ pencil cases and have absolutely zero regrets.

Only the best gift ever given




I was missing a connector so may have had to improvise…

Glowsticks! I really have hit the jackpot here. Appropriately, they match the highlighter’s colours. Am I supposed to wear them while I rave, or while I make notes? Should I make notes on a night out? So many mixed messages from Campus Society.


While adorning my wrist with all three glowsticks at the same time (is this what true power feels like?), I nearly missed what was perhaps the most important gift in the tuckbox: post-it notes. Throughout my time at University, I constantly cried-out for post-its. They were stationary I so desperately wanted – nay, needed – but not something I’d ever thought to go out and buy for myself.

Post-its are an awful lot like socks then, aren’t they? Who actually buys socks? I’ve not bought a single pair in my life. Yet, somehow, my drawers are bursting at the seams from an overload of socks. It’s my one hope that the same will happen for my post-it supply, now that they’ve finally come into my possession. I’m praying that my supplies never dwindle again.

I can dream, can’t I?

The source of the ticking noise

I’ve finally discovered the source of the mysterious ticking noise. Thankfully, the Campus Gurus refrained from sending delicate china and instead chose a keyring bottle opener. I’m unsure whether I should be pleased or offended. Pleased, perhaps, because I’ve always wanted a black bottle opener. In the past I’ve stolen countless collecitons of them from Fresher Fairs, but they’ve all been outrageous colours. Who really wants a hot pink or gold bottle opener in their pocket? They were a tad too raunchy for my tastes. Black is so much classier.


On the other hand, should I be offended? Are the Campus Gurus trying to suggest that students need bottle openers at all times? Just in case a lecturer gives in and pulls out a beer at the end of their seminar?

(This has actually happened before and it was amazing)

Looking down, there’s only one item left in the box. I wonder—

Oh no.

This is offensive and should be illegal.

I’m not sure I can put these stickers anywhere near my laptop. If I combined these with my ‘LIT’ bag, I’d for sure be losing that BNOC status.

On closer inspection, one of the stickers is missing. Unbelievable; that could’ve been the only acceptable sticker on there, and it’s gone. How will I ever recover?

I’d like to give a huge thanks to Campus Society for sending this tuckbox along in the mail. It was such a nice, unexpected and totally unnecessary reward that I am so grateful for. If you’re a student, about to start your course or just graduated, consider making an account on their website. It’s like Facebook for students, except not awful and full of distant relatives who comment on all your pictures.

Or better yet, why not just read my Campus content here?

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