Cosy stay at home ideas for bonfire night

Bonfire night’s coming up, and soon you’ll be seeing people posting about their nights on Instagram and TikTok. You’ll probably be silently judging them for making their own rubbish display that scared your dogs, or for standing about in the cold for hours to watch things go bang.

I’m writing this as if I hate all things fireworks. Let’s set the record straight: I love a good firework show, but it’s not something that I’m always in the mood for. Sometimes, it’s so much better to stay at home, chill out and take a breather. To watch the frost glaze over the windows while wrapped up in a blanket. To go anywhere but outside. Here are my five ideas for a cosy night in on bonfire night (and for any autumnal evening!):

Pizza party!

Or, you know, any kind of food. The important part is that food is involved, you invite friends or family over, and you have a wonderful night with each other. Get everyone to bring a board of treats – maybe your uncle will get the drinks in, mum and dad will bring a buffet platter, your cousin has the cheese and crackers and you’ve got the appetisers.

If you’re lucky, you might even see the fireworks that you’ll be hearing in the distance all night long. The point is that bonfire night, for me, isn’t always about the fireworks. Bonfire night can just be a great excuse to get your loved ones together for a good ol’ catch up and natter. Sometimes, that and good food are all you need.

Get competitive

So often, Christmas seems to be the only time of the year when the boardgames make an appearance. Well, if you’ve already got your best buds over for food, why not get competitive and see who’s the best Monopoly player? Or perhaps you’ll take it old school and gather round a laptop or Playstation and play some classic video games?

Not feeling competitive? Spend this bonfire night watching your favourite films. I’d go for something big and punchy. For me, it’d be a toss up between:

  • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (who can say no to those gorgeous setpieces?)
  • The Great Gatsby (as big as they come)
  • Literally any Harry Potter film (though my personal pick is The Prisoner of Azkaban)
  • Inception, or any Christopher Nolan film

Don’t ask me why, but they just scream BONFIRE NIGHT to me. Anyone else?

Snug as a bug

Step 1: Boil kettle (hot chocolate or sleepy tea is acceptable)

Step 2: Acquire blanket and book

Step 3: Launch self underneath blanket

Step 4: Put on favourite music

Step 5: Read book by the window that looks out onto the sky which is lit up bright by fireworks while your best tunes play and never retreat from under your blanket because you are the most comfortable you will ever be.

Bring the fireworks inside

No, but, not actually. You won’t be bringing your fireworks inside; you’ll be putting the fireworks onto the telly. Most TVs these days come fitted with smart connections, so they’ll be able to connect to the internet and stream whatever’s on your phone. Failing that, hook up a laptop to the big screen and load up a fireworks show on Youtube – maybe one that you’ve watched as the clocks hit midnight on New Year’s Eve or one of your favourite home movies from bonfire night in years gone by.

Not only would setting up your own private showing be cumbersome and difficult, it probably wouldn’t be as good a show as a professional one. Plus, you’d just scare all the poor pets that have to deal with the noise. Not good.

Either way, why be cold while you watch things explode? Get yourself inside.

Stop snoozing the side hustle

What kind of productivity blog would this be if I didn’t put this kind of spin on it? While everyone else is off enjoying themselves, you could use this as an opportunity to quietly work on whatever side hustle you might have to occupy yourself alongside work.

Whether it brings in cash or is just for fun, having a side hustle as a hobby can be lots of fun. You’re taking control of something that you enjoy and, potentially, working towards something profitable for your future. Besides, you’ll still hear the fireworks in the background, right?

Failing all that, why not just spend time on your hobbies? I’ve not played the Uke in a while, so I might spend the evening doing that (and apologise to my neighbours in the morning).

What are you planning to do this bonfire night?

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