Ranking the absolute best productivity memes

I started writing this intro with a reference to the tier lists having started last year – you know, when the first UK Lockdown happened.

I then immediately realised that I seem to have lost all sense of time in the past two years, considering that the pandemic hit British shores in early 2020, and that tier lists first became popular a year before that – in 2019. In short, it seems that I am well and truly late to the party.

However, I feel that the productivity meme tier list niche never had its moment to shine. With that in mind, it’s time for a post that, honestly, nobody ever asked for. Without further ado, this is the internet’s official tier list of productivity memes.


This has distinct 00s vibes, and nobody really checks Facebook anymore, but I still had a chuckle when I saw it. Frankly, though, there are better memes on this list.


I love this artist’s work – their style is superb, and I’ve linked their insta here – but I think they’ve produced funnier stuff…


Honestly? I didn’t laugh at this one. Memes aren’t always about exhaling sharply out of my nostrils – sometimes they’re all about being relatable. And staring blankly at a project? That’s about as relatable as it comes.


I really like this one – and if I didn’t want one meme per rank, I’d have shifted it higher in my list. It’s simple, funny, and relatable. Plus, I’ve already written a piece about motivation and why it never lasts, giving me good opportunity to include a back link for you right about here.


I used to have a section of my Bullet Journal habit tracker called ‘me time’, which was literally just an excuse to ensure that I had time to myself every day – whether it was gaming, reading, or just existing in my bedroom (as long as I had peace and quiet, I was good).

So, obviously, I feel very much called-out by Captain Holt – and I’m sure you do too.


Now we’re getting into the really good stuff. This one feels a bit more timeless, or as if it could have been discovered in some old journal. As a History teacher, that means that it’s ticking even more boxes.


It;’s always looming, for all of us, in the distance, no matter how productive we may feel. Distractions are only ever a short step away. It’s important, though, that you do accept that you will, sometimes, be distracted – and that’s okay! So long as you figure a way back to your path and get done what needs doing.

Also, ha ha, it’s another funny meme.


It really does feel like motivating yourself is like talking to a brick wall sometimes.


One of my favourite meme templates is Shocked Pikachu. Not far behind, though, is the clown meme. Combine that with productivity, and I simply can’t help but start giggling.

The one about starting at 4pm is especially relatable, since it just feels wrong getting going if the time isn’t perfect. My top tip for that? Break down your time into smaller increments. ‘Oh, I’ll just start at 3:15 instead’ is an incredible way to get through your to-do list just that little bit quicker.

Did I make the right choices here? Do you have a better set of productivity memes? Let me know in the comments below, or send them to me on Twitter!

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