3 Steps to Being a Better Me | Making your 2019 Resolutions Achievable

2018 was a fantastic year. You’ll hear all about how I met so many amazing people, visited utterly brilliant places, and accomplished so much in my 2018 In Review post next Monday. For now, let’s focus on the road ahead. I want to talk about my goals and resolutions for 2019, and I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned for this year. If you struggled with resolutions in 2018 (didn’t we all?) read all the way to the bottom for my advice on making your goals achievable.

Health & Fitness

Everyone chooses this resolution. It’s the most generic of the bunch, and probably the least well-kept, but wouldn’t we all love to improve our health and fitness? For me, I want to look bigger than ever before. I’ve been slim my entire life, which is fine (eating whatever I like without gaining weight was great), but I’ve always wanted noticeable muscles. The intense desire began over 15 years ago, when I’d spend hours after school watching the shonen anime Dragon Ball Z. While it would be many years before joining a gym to make this dream a reality, I did join a Taekwondo class at the age of 9. My martial arts prowess may have improved, but I remained the size of a stick.

While I did join a gym for the last two years of University, I never remained consistent. I ate more eggs and chicken, for sure, but that was hardly enough protein to turn me into Captain America. Now, though, I’ve joined a gym with a clear plan in my head. I’m eating healthier, too: junk food is reserved for weekends, with Biltong and nuts replacing my daily desire for chocolate.

It’s a small start, but it’s working.

Consistent writing

I made my goals regarding blogging very clear last Friday, but the wider resolution extends to all forms of writing. One of my goals is to become a published author, and while I have plenty of ideas, I never set aside the time to write them down. If I could jot down 1,000 words towards that goal every week, I’d have written 52,000 words by the year’s end, which is the length of your average novel. In two years, I could have my first book written to completion. How weird a thought is that?

I’m also going to write more consistently for other outlets. Our Velvet Revolution, my History blogging space, hasn’t seen any action in a while, but I’d love to have one blog post there every month. I miss investigating History every day at Uni, which is why I’m so determined to get back to OVR. I’ve got two essays in the works right now, which is promising – it’s just all about putting time aside to write once a month.

I know that this is doable.

The Bullet Journal

BuJos are fantastic creations. I’ve had one for years now, and to this day I swear it’s the only reason I got through Uni in one piece. I never need it at work, so I’ve not found great use for it since graduating. Consequently, I’ve become less organised with my projects and habits. But as I said on Friday, the New Year brings with it change, and I’m changing my BuJo habits today. I’m resolving to plan all of my articles in that book.

I must admit, I’m very excited to start ticking things off again.

My tips and tricks on achieving your goals are coming up next.

close up of text
Disclaimer: definitely not my Bullet Journal. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tips and tricks

  1. Set actionable goals

What good are unachievable resolutions? How can I say “I want bigger muscles” without determining exactly how I’m going to get them? Set a clear plan in motion about how you’ll achieve your goals by breaking each resolution down into small, simpler tasks. I’m going to the gym at least three times a week, focusing on Push exercises one day, Pull the next and Legs/Back on the other, and limiting junk food to the weekend.

I’ve also set clear goals for increasing the weight I’m lifting, meaning I’m always making progress.

  1. Have an overarching goal

How can you follow small steps without first setting your overarching goals? What are your mini accomplishments leading towards? My goal at the gym this week might be to increase the chest press machine’s resistance by 5kg, but that’s to achieve my 2019 goal: 12% body fat. Aiming low would be like appearing on Clarkson’s Who wants to be a Millionaire? and hoping to win a grand. It’s nice, but makes you wonder why you bothered going.

Aimlessly going to the gym will get you nowhere

  1. Share your progress…

…but not necessarily on social media. It doesn’t have to be the world on Instagram, but at least tell somebody what you’re trying to do. This could be a friend, a family member, or a work colleague; anyone will do. Chances are, they’ll add your goals to their list of small talk, which will only spur on your progress. I’ve been sharing my progress with a colleague who’s been an avid gym member for 4 years, and it really helps to keep you focused on what you want.

Those are my tricks for creating and achieving my goals this year. What are yours?

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13 thoughts on “3 Steps to Being a Better Me | Making your 2019 Resolutions Achievable

  1. Ah losing weight seems to be a recurrent goal in almost everyone’s New Year Resolutions! I very rarely reach my target goal though/ Wish you luck with your goals for this year


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