eBay Deals | I’m Selling my Clothes

We all hang on to old clothes that no longer fit us – out of laziness or fondness. For me, it was the former. Spending three years at Uni was hardly the most ideal time to start selling bits and pieces online, so they’ve sat, unwanted and unloved, on my floor – in three big bin bags – taking up a lot of unnecessary room.

This past week, I finally decided that enough was enough. It was time to make a change. I’ve started listing them online. My clothes can now be yours (lucky you!) for prices that won’t break the bank. All of these items are less than £10, come with FREE postage and are in excellent quality. I’d be wearing them right now if they weren’t too small for me.

Check them out below:

NEXT Blue Hoody, Boys Age 15, Excellent Quality


I used to wear this when playing inFAMOUS, as it was the closest clothing I had to the clothes worn by that game’s protagonist, Cole MacGrath. Good times.


NEXT Pullover Hoody, Green, Boys Age 14


Fewer memories with this one as green isn’t really my colour, but it could be yours.


NEXT Blue Zip-Up Hoodie, Boys, 15 Years, Used, Excellent Quality

20190204_144608.jpgDespite the Hoodie’s intended age group – 15 Years – it ironically reads ’14’ on the back. Was this some sort of sick joke?


BHS Bart Simpson Vest, Boys, 13-14 years, Blue, Excellent Quality, Hardly Worn


Oh, God. Anyone who knows me would rip into me forever for owning something that isn’t me in the slightest. I was never cool enough to wear this (but I bet your son is).


Stewie Griffin Family Guy Graphic Tee, Men’s, Small, Hardly Worn, Black


Selling this T-Shirt makes me sad. It reminds me that, at the time, my growth spurt was kicking in in a major way, so I hardly got the chance to wear such an eye-drawing Tee. Seriously, if this doesn’t make you the centre of attention then I don’t know what will.


H&M Grandad shirt, Green, Men’s, Small, Used


I can’t lie: this is another item of clothing that I bought in celebration of a video game hero: Nathan Drake. The protagonist of Uncharted 1-4 wears Grandad Shirts throughout the series and I, obviously, wanted to dress just like him.

Too bad I couldn’t copy his cocky demeanour.


H&M Grandad Shirt, Beige, Men’s, Small, Used but Excellent Quality


Same sob story as above, though with much more meaning. Any Uncharted fan knows that Drake famously wore a Grandad Shirt of this colouring in the Desert Scene in the third game. At the time, this piece of clothing was synonymous with the PlayStation brand.


NEXT Jogging trousers, Boy’s, 15 Years, Dark Navy, Used, Excellent Quality


These joggers completed the Cole MacGrath-inspired outfit mentioned earlier, so you’d best buy the whole ensemble.


NEXT Skinny Jeans, Black, Men’s, 30R, Used but Excellent Quality


Sad story time: I bought these black jeans thinking they were the right size, and it wasn’t until a month later that I realised I should’ve gone for the next size up. They rested somewhere between my ankle and knee, but should fit you perfectly.


NEXT Trousers, Straight Leg, Grey, Boy’s, 14 Years, Used but Excellent


These trousers come from a dark time in my life, where I wore straight-leg trousers, as opposed to Skinnies. Comfy for some people, but not for me.


NEXT Shorts, Camo, Boy’s, 13 Years, Velcro Fastening, Excellent Quality


I miss wearing shorts like these: they had so many pockets. I felt like some sort of Swiss Army Man.


NEXT Signature Jeans, Navy, Boys, 16 years, Straight Leg, Excellent Quality


Sure, the shorts had a tonne of pockets. That’s great. But what did these have? Only the biggest pockets I’ve ever seen. Their original label probably stated something about being a TARDIS.


NEXT Cargo Trousers, Boys, 15 years, Olive Green, Fleeced Lining


Genuinely the comfiest trousers I’ve ever worn. These are lined on the insides, making them perfect for our temperamental weather, and they’re pretty stylish for typical ‘skater boyz’ (which makes them very unstylish for me).


Marks and Spencer School Trousers, Black, Boys, 15 years, Excellent Quality


Make use of the school trousers that my growth spurt didn’t let me use. Please, they just want to be worn.


We’re returning to your regularly-scheduled programming of posts next Monday, where I’ll finally wrap-up my 2018-in-review. Next Friday will see the return of my Initial Teacher Training series; I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks on what to do when your referees take an age to respond, so keep your eyes peeled for when that goes live. It’s not a post to be missed.

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