Blogging: My Brief History

Update: My Ten Thousand Kicks is no more. Read all about my decision to rebrand as Hardly Hamilton here.

Welcome to the blog, and to my first post – it’s been a long time coming.

I attempted to run a blog all throughout University. It was a Weebly website, and I was relatively successful in keeping it moderately updated. My original plan was to update it three time a week, and the focus of the blog would be on all things media, hence its name: MediaSAGE (I was promoting myself as some sort of sage of all things media. If that isn’t egotistical, I don’t know what is).

Suffice to say, that did not go to plan. I wrote one satirical article, which was a break from my usual re-writes of IGN articles, and then nothing more. University work took over, and without a clear plan for exactly what I’d be writing about, I lost the drive to blog. I focused my efforts on other projects.

But I did miss blogging.

By the time my Final Year at Uni was over, I decided that enough was enough: it was about time I got back into the blogging game. This time, it wouldn’t be a media-centric blog. No; instead, I’d create a highly personalised blog. I’m going to write about anything and everything that happens to me. It might be an interesting anecdote, a poem I’ve written and want to share, a review of a movie I’ve seen, or adventures from my travels.

Hence the title of the blog: My Ten Thousand Kicks. But where does this title come from?

Bruce Lee once said that he did not fear the man who has learned ten thousand kicks, but he did fear the man that practiced one kick ten thousand times. My aim is to be the man that Lee feared: the man that has learned one kick, but practiced until he has become an expert in his craft. This blog is all about my journey towards personal mastery over my life, and I want you to read along, as I develop from a graduate into a man with a path to follow.

At some point, I will be uploading an archive of all my old Weebly posts to this site, so that all of my posts are in one place (I’m thinking of the prospective employers – and hopefully there will be a lot of them – who will appreciate that. Shout-out to those of you reading this post who are thinking of hiring me). I also want to do this so that I begin becoming more proficient with the ins and outs of WordPress. In the meantime, you can  find the original posts here.

Niamh Coffey, Our Velvet Revolution (OVR) co-founder

By the way, this isn’t the only blog that I’ve created! I’ve joined hands with fellow avid Historian and housemate Niamh Coffey, and co-founded the WordPress site Our Velvet Revolution. This blog is for our self-proclaimed ‘important’ articles, which engage with issues we were tackling during our undergraduate degrees. Niamh has already written an excellent post on the importance of Repealing the Eighth Amendment, which I edited pre-publication. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for what I want to write about already. The tagline for the site is that ‘Our Words Will Change the World’, and the hashtag is #PenTrumpsSword. I really do believe in that mantra.

OVR Logo

Finally, in terms of a schedule for my posts, I’m hoping to publish something – whatever it may be – every Friday. The exciting thing about My Ten Thousand Kicks is that my content may change drastically week-on-week, so you never know what you might read.

In the meantime, thank you for reading. I can’t wait to share what makes me tick with you.

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